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What is it, you ask? This is the first difficulty. There is no word in English for „Klettersteig“ yet. Vie Ferrate (plural, in single Via Ferrata) are like fixed rope climbing routes. As the rope is an iron one, the Italians used to name it „Via Ferrata“, which could be translated to iron way. Via Ferrata is the term most often used now. „Klettersteig“ is the German word; it’s the same thing.

But just have a look at the pictures and you’ll know what I mean.

My intention is, to give you an overview of the different routes out there. And this is done primarily by pictures, which best show what’s awaiting you when you decide to give it a try.

You’ll realise that at the time being just a few pages are in English. Sorry for that, I’m doing my best. And I want to thank my friends, especially Martina and her husband for helping me with the translation.

In spite of the lacking English, you can easily follow even the German pages. Altitude, time and sequences are listed before every route. Most of the rest is just commentary and not essential. A brief dictionary can be found here.